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The Advanced Integrated Solutions (AIS) corporate health, safety and environmental programs are fully integrated into the project planning processes, which enables AIS projects to gain improved project performance at all levels of project execution. Project safety programs comply with OSHA, in addition to any client specific safety plans, manuals or requirements. This provides a healthy and safe workplace for all of the AIS employees, sub-contractors, vendors, visitors and client representatives. In addition, AIS aims to protect the public from any and all health hazards which may result from its projects, operations or general business activities. All field personnel assigned to AIS projects must attend a site-specific safety orientation prior to beginning any task associated with the project.


AIS has implemented stringent controls and monitoring to mitigate employee exposure to physical, chemical, biological and ergonomic risks. The AIS Health, Safety and Environmental Management System includes policies, procedures, training, programs and tools that are implemented to help meet the goal of zero incidents. From environmental compliance to wellness initiatives, AIS cares about the health of its employees.


Safety is a core value in AIS project execution and administration. The firm understands and encourages internal and external understanding of safety and its benefits for AIS clients. For example, the company’s commitment to safety can reduce customers’ labor costs and the expenses of supervising and auditing safety practices. Safer work practices lessen the probability of an incident occurring at the customer’s facility and the potential for liability.

Furthermore, the AIS team is responsive and expedient in the event of a natural disaster, operational upset or unlikely infrastructure event. The company’s knowledge and preparedness is key to minimizing the impact of an incident.

AIS’ rigorous safety process helps customers comply with OSHA’s Process Safety Management standards and other compliance standards. Clients can be confident they have a capable, safety-focused partner with well-trained and committed personnel on the job. Around the nation, AIS trained personnel work to ensure the safety of themselves, their coworkers, our customers and the public. AIS is committed to achieving and sustaining zero incident performance through the company’s continuous improvement practices and personal accountability.


AIS executes projects to meet the needs of clients, while aiming to protect and enhance human and natural resources. Environmental issues have a significant impact on business landscapes, through the challenges they present to governments, the private sector and the public. AIS strives to meet these challenges, by understanding its role in environmental betterment and advancement.

For example, AIS works closely with clients, partners and suppliers to understand how to minimize environmental impacts, including working to improve the energy efficiency of its offices and waste facilities.